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Do mounties have to work rotating shifts?

Dear Mr. Mountie

Do mounties have to work rotating shifts? And if so, would this explain your appallingly haphazard habit of updating the otherwise venerable “takete” in such a whimsical, not to mention tardy, manner?

Yours Truly,

Punky M.,

Dear Punky.

I have recently set a very strict schedule: I will update takete every Tuesday, come rain or sunshine, or a strict mistress will walk on my bare back wearing 12” stilettos

However, I have recently been involved in an undercover surveillance operation involving an ice-cream truck and several thousand contraband squirrel pelts and a missing vacuum pump - I can’t say any more at the moment - which severly has impeded my ability to contact the outside world for long periods of time.

Rest assured, however, that we are back to schedule, and accordingly you should be able to count on takete once again being updated every Tuesday without fail.


Mr Mountie

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