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I am a troubled designer, what should I do?

Dear Mr Mountie,

I am troubled. I am a designer by trade - a humble modern-day craftman, plying my trade, and trying to make my little part of the world a better, more user-friendly place. However, whilst a patient would never interupt a surgeon mid-operation to make a suggestion, nor a art-lover barge into a studio to demand that the artist use more red, my clients seem to think they know better than me.

The cheeky fuckers. What should I do?

Dear Troubled
I think the root of your dilemma is that the guy who's writing the check always wants his (or her) say.

To explore your examples a little bit further, you would have found that the 17th century painter probably did have their patrons barging in to their studios demanding more crimson, nowadays the artist is in a little bit of a different situation - the boss at the coffee shop who is paying the wage doesn't really care what goes on in the studio as long as the artist isn't late for his shift and keeps his fingernails clean.

The surgeon seem to have it sussed. He doesn't start work until the client is fully sedated and has everything wrapped up when the client's back on his feet.

Trying to chloroform your client before commencing work on their project is a novel approach that might just work a treat for you.

Remember that for longer projects, such as a complete re-branding or a particularly time-consuming interior design catalogue, you might need to wake the client up intermittently and check for vital life signs.

Yours Truly
Mr Mountie

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