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Mountie, are you homosexual?

Mountie, are you homosexual?

I just find many of you answers so witty and insightful and it is rare that something so wonderful comes from the mind of a straight man. Or perhaps I am completely wrong, perhaps you are a woman. Do they have women mounties?

Gay Here To

Dear Gay Here To

They do, in fact, women have made significant contributions to the RCMP over the years serving as wives, civilian and regular members.

On May 23, 1974 RCMP Commissioner M.J. Nadon made an announcement that the RCMP would begin accepting applications from woman for regular police duties.

Since 1975 women have made considerable progress. For example, in 1981 the first female was promoted to corporal and the first females served on the Musical Ride.

The Musical Ride, performed by a full troop of thirty-two riders and horses, consists of the execution of a variety of intricate figures and cavalry drill choreographed to music. Demanding utmost control, timing and coordination, these movements are formed by individual horses and riders, in two’s, four’s and eight’s at the trot and at the canter.

Yours Truly

Mr Mountie

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