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Please can you help me with my A-levels

Dear Mountie

I am doing my a-levels and i need to find out about three different fabrics with a nap or pile adn also the fibre content of these

Also i have to explain how one pile fabric was produced and then i have to evaluate its suitability for one named application.

Please can you help me, I am really stuck have been looking on the internet and i can not find anything.



Dear siggy

Since you wrote to me in April of last year I’m sure you already left military school, with or without your textile-related A-Level.

As a warning to other young, impressionable girls who think it fit to Ask The Mountie to help them with their exams, it has generally been concluded that your local Library is a better resource than this particular institution, not only because Librarians generally don’t take a year to answer your queries, but also because few of them feel implored to constantly resort to Reductio ad absurdum, for no other reason than to prove their witty repartee.

Yours Truly

Mr Mountie

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