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What is the most ruthlessly efficient way?

Dear Mountie

I wish to destroy an overly aggressive and intimidating colleague.

What is the most ruthlessly efficient way to do this without arousing suspicion?


Dear A

Since you haven’t revealed to me what field you are in I must assume that you are a luchadore - a Mexican masked wrestler.

The most effective way of destroying your opponent is by publicly questioning the authenticity of his cohones, as this will render him weak and powerless in your next joust.

To do this without arousing suspicon is the tricky part; here you have to resort to cunning.

If you, like all the great Heros of the Lucha Libre remain in your masked identity when out of the ring as well, you could simply slip your mask off, and then, when in the right company , casually remark:

Hijo del Diablo is wearing ladies underpants”

Yours Truly

Mr Mountie

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