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What about the bug under my slipper...

Dear Mountie

I came down with a bit of a bug last week. I didn’t get sick, mind you… Well, not immediately anyway. Rather I physically came downstairs one morning, in my robe and sipping a fresh glass of pulp-free orange juice, only to find a portion of some breed of bug squished beneath my slippers. Goodness knows where the rest of the bug was.

The next day I actually did come down with a nasty flu virus.

What do you make of that?


Dear Micheal

This story is almost as peculiar as Gregor Samsa’s transformation from a man into a large insect, and I can attest that bugs have played a significant role in human mythologi and lore from the era of the Pharaos to the days of Bill Lee.

I would guess, however, that your flu had more to do with your refusal to wear anything other than your robe, come sleet or snow.

Yours Truly

Mr Mountie

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