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What is the biggest mythical beast? And what is it's name & characteristics.

What is the biggest mythical beast? And what is it's name & characteristics.

Dear Yan
There is much debate regarding the size of these creatures. They are after all mythical, and usually it has been suffice to say they are 'really quite large', 'big as a house' or somesuch vague phrase - we have to remember that most of these creatures have been around longer than your average plastic ruler.

However, one of my favourite mythical beasts was the ice-giant Ymer, who was so big that when he was sweating, the little droplets of moisture forming on his brow became giants as they fell to the ground.

Later, Odin and his sons killed Ymer, and made the earth out of his enormous body. So we must conclude that Ymer was 'Pretty Big'

Another big creature is the giant turtle who holds up the world in much Native American mythology, the Huron tribe, to name but one.

Now, you'd need a fair sized turtle to do that sort of thing.

Speaking of turtles, my friend the librarian tells me that:

"The apparent detachment with which turtles copulate may have helped to make them symbols of chastity in the Christian Middle Ages."
Yours Truly
Mr Mountie

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