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What's the correct name for your high brown boots?

Dear Mountie

If you answer this question I’ll believe that you are indeed a fellow Mountie:

What’s the correct name for your high brown boots?

Hint… They are named after a real British Lord.

Possibly “The Real Mountie”

Dear Possibly

Although once, on a journey through Labrador he survived on a diet of Moss, Donald Alexander Smith known as Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal was a great Empire-builder of the Victorian era, and one of the founders of the Dominion of Canada. Throughout his life he most worthily adhered to his ancestral motto, “Stand fast.”

From none of his herculean enterprises did he emerge so triumphantly as from the stupendous task of building and financing the Canadian Pacific Railway, whose completion was signalized by the ringing blows on that spike in the rocky gorge of the Canadian Craigellachie. None, that is, apart from the inspiration for the conception, design and manufacture of the Strathcona High-Brown Police Boot that distinguishes the RCMP from any other police force in the world, be they mounted, or not.

Yours Truly

Mr Mountie

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