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Where can I get a hold of a Service Manual for an Epson c60?

Where can I get a hold of a Service Manual for an Epson c60 (for
free)... It's out of warranty and the paper feed is broken :(

Dear Lorna
Indeed I once knew a man who had an Epson c60, and, as chance had it, this particular printer also had a broken paper feed.
This man found a solution to his problem by casually asking a friend, who in turn asked his friends, who asked his friends. "By the strength of weak ties," the man argued "I will soon find a helpful soul who will be able to help me with this matter."

I will do what the Mountie can do to assist you in your quest by pleading to all my readers to find it in their hearts to help with this pressing quest.

Do you have an Epson c60 manual you want to give to Lorna? email the Mountie at takete dot com.

Yours Truly
Mr Mountie

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