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Where can I get more info on the Apparatus for Crushing Hafnium Crystal Bar Using Cryogenic Refrigerant Neon

Dear Mountie,

Refering to Uncle Tweed Las Vegas, I tried to get more info on the Apparatus for Crushing Hafnium Crystal Bar Using Cryogenic Refrigerant Neon
I tried to locate the inventors via the Patent No. 4,979,685.
Could you please be my pathfinder and help me.

Thank you.

Dear Anthony

I have been able to track the inventors down, try calling the Toyosu Office

2-16, Toyosu 3-chome,Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8733, Japan
Tel. +81-3-3534-2010

Here’s the patent application again, in full:
2/4/134 (Item 134 from file: 654)


© format only 1996 Knight-Ridder Info. All rts. reserv.
PATENT NO.: 4,951,881
ISSUED: August 28, 1990 (19900828)
INVENTOR: Shioda, Takuo, Sakura, JP (Japan)
Yamada, Jiro, Tachikawa, JP (Japan)
ASSIGNEE: Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co Ltd , (A Non-U.S.
Company or Corporation ), Tokyo, JP (Japan)
[Assignee Code(s): 43368]
APPL. NO.: 7-378,337
FILED: July 11, 1989 (19890711)
PRIORITY: 63-238988, JP (Japan), September 26, 1988 (19880926)
FULL TEXT: 258 lines

A process for crushing a hafnium (Hf) crystal bar comprises the steps of maintaining the Hf crystal bar at an extremely low temperature by holding the crystal bar in contact with a cryogenic refrigerant and crushing the crystal bar at the extremely low temperature by clamping and compressing the crystal bar between nickel (Ni)-base superalloy members. An apparatus for crushing the Hf crystal bar comprises a Ni-base superalloy-made container for containing the cryogenic refrigerant, the container having a bottom portion capable of being selectively opened and closed, a heat insulator for covering the container filled with the cryogenic refrigerant so as to maintain the interior of the container at the extremely low temperature, Ni-base superalloy-made pressing terminals for clamping the Hf crystal bar therebetween in the container, and a pressing device for exerting pressure on the pressing terminals so as to compress and crush the Hf crystal bar.

Yours Truly
Mr Mountie

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