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Why do people refer machines, country and objects as feminine?

Why do people refer machines, country and objects as feminine?
Eg. Motherland, Cars, Etc.

Dear Yan
The word gender originates from the Latin word genus meaning kind or sort.

All living things are either male or female, when they are not both.

The Neuter Gender is reserved for the noun, which is neither male nor female. It usually refers to non-living objects.

However, occasionaly non-living objects are spoken of as living objects and can be regarded as masculine or feminine. This is known as personification. Objects possessing masculine qualities, strong, bearded etc. are referred to in the masculine gender.

Objects possessing feminine qualities like grace or beauty are referred to in the feminine gender.

This should explain why she's my Dualit Toaster - But there
must obviously be people out there who find the Hand Powered Drill or the 1998 Mack, E7-300, Auto, 44 Rears, 40 yd. Heil Durapack Front Loader graceful enough to earn the feminine gender badge.

Yours Truly
Mr Mountie

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