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Why do we only ever see one face of the moon?

Dear Mountie,

Why do we only ever see one face of the moon, throughout the world, and throughout all historical documented illustration? I understand that it could have a contrary orbit or revolution to ours, but it seems a little bizarre and fishy that the view never changes.


Dear Spacey

You are of course aware of tides, and how the Moons gravity is pulling the Earth into an oblong shape, much like middle age is pulling your waistline out, making you resemble a Zeppelin Airship.

Since Earth’s gravity is much stronger than the Moon’s, the moons bulge is even larger than the earths, and the moon has got “stuck” with the earth pulling towards the bulging end of the moon. In other words, the moons rotation is locked so that it takes the same time for it to spin once on its axis as it takes to go around the Earth.

Yet another thing we can blame gravity for, in essence.

Yours Truly

Mr Mountie

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