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Why does the moon look big at the horizon, but small up in the sky?

Dear Mountie
The other day, whilst I was camped outside my ex-girlfriend’s house, watching her at it with her new beau, I passed a little time by watching the moon rise and cross the sky.
It can’t just be me, but I noticed that the moon looked really big when it was down at the horizon, but quite small when it was up in the sky!
Why is this?
Does it get further away when it goes round the middle? Is it drawn closer by gravity when it gets close to the ground?
I was so puzzled I forgot to take pictures of that slut and the grease monkey she’s knocking about with now.
What’s the answer, Mountie?

Many thanks,
Clive, I tell ya.

Dear Clive.

The moon is a big cheese and it gets softer the closer it gets to the Camembert region of France.

Yours Truly

Mr Mountie

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