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Why is it that every time a new car is introduced I'm enthusiastic about it?

Why is it that every time a new car is introduced I'm enthusiastic about it, after some time I have a 'mwah experience' about the same car and after two or three years it leaves me completely cold?
It's the same car after all. Same specs, same design.

Dear Marco
What you are experienceing is known as 'the driving force behind the consumer based capitalist society.'
If you would still get excited by your 1979 Lada Riva, the basis of the world economy would be in tatters.
Millions of people employed in heavy and light industry, design, manufacturing, production, advertising, trading, shipping, haulage, Cattle Rearing and many other lines of employment would find themselves hard up for work.
The metaphorical butterfly flapping it's little wings would not suffice in describing the knock-on effect it would have if you would suddenly start to stay enthusiastic about cars. Just accept it meant to be this way. It's better for all concerned.

Yours Truly
Mr Mountie

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