It’s the time of the year again to sit down in front of our television-sets to watch the eurovision song contest, this year (2001, ed) held in Copenhagen. Denmark was an unlikely winner last year, A much better entry was their 1979 entry “Disco Tango” which sadly only managed to score 76 points, securing a feeble 6th prize, but it was after all competing in the year the group “Dschingis Khan” sang the song “Dschingis Khan”. No one can blame the judges for letting that unforgettable German entry squeeze past into 4th place.

Eurovision song titles are sometimes far better than the songs. “Reggae OK” - the Finnish entry in 1981 (27 points) is one of Uncle Tweeds favourites, along with “Mrs. Caroline Robinson” by “Springtime” - which scored 15 points for Austria in 1978.

Doing some deep research, Uncle Tweed found out that:

“The longest Eurovision song title is “Man Gewohnt Sich So Schnell an das Schone” (Germany: 1964 - containing 34 letters), which scored zero. The shortest titles with just 2 letters each are: Si (Italy: 1974); El (Spain: 1982); Hi (Israel: 1983); Go (UK: 1988)”

The date of the eurovision is of course highlighted in the calender of anyone with a love for great schlager-muzik as well as of anyone with a fondness for events of international significance, but above all, it’s a time for the man (yes, it’s usually a man) with a insatiable appetite for statistics.

Nothing impresses your friends more than the kind of knowledge derived from compulsive study of tables like the one below, that Uncle Tweed kindly has provided you with: Study and learn, it will make you the centre of any festive gathering:

Finnish entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 1961 -1998:
1961 Laila Kinnunen Valoa ikkunassa
1962 Marion Rung Tipi-tii
1963 Laila Halme Muistojeni laulu
1964 Lasse Mårtenson Laiskotellen
1965 Viktor Klimenko Aurinko laskee länteen
1966 Ann Christine Nyström Playboy
1967 Fredi Varjoon - suojaan
1968 Kristina Hautala Kun kello käy
1969 Jarkko ja Laura Kuin silloin ennen
1970 - -
1971 Markku Aro & Koivistolaiset Tie uuteen päivään
1972 Päivi Paunu & Kim Floor Muistathan
1973 Marion Rung Tom tom tom
1974 Carita Holmström Keep me warm (Älä mene pois)
1975 Pihasoittajat Old man fiddle (Viulu-ukko)
1976 Fredi ja ystävät Pump pump
1977 Monica Aspelund Lapponia
1978 Seija Simola Anna rakkaudelle tilaisuus
1979 Katri Helena Katson sineen taivaan
1980 Vesa-Matti Loiri Huilumies
1981 Riki Sorsa Reggae OK
1982 Kojo Nuku pommiin
1983 Ami Aspelund Fantasiaa
1984 Kirka Hengaillaan
1985 Sonja Lumme Eläköön elämä
1986 Kari (Kuivalainen) Never the end (Päivä kahden ihmisen)
1987 Vicky Rosti Sata salamaa
1988 The Boulevard Nauravat silmät muistetaan
1989 Anneli Saaristo La dolce vita
1990 Beat Fri?
1991 Kaija Kärkinen Hullu yö
1992 Pave Maijanen Yamma yamma
1993 Katri Helena Tule luo
1994 Cat Cat Bye bye baby
1995 - -
1996 Jasmine Niin kaunis on taivas
1997 - -
1998 Edea Aava

So who will win this year? Uncle Tweed votes for Iceland, but then Uncle Tweed always votes for Iceland…