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Am I better to go for the one eye or two eye binocular?

Dear Mountie
I have been using a Simmons 10×50 set of binoculars for spying on my ex, as they were just $29.95 and seemed to give a good clarity but recently I was recommended the Astroview 90 Eq for getting real net-curtain penetration.
Neither have night vision attachments, but traditionally I’ve always gone for the double eyeful option, after all, binoculars are made for bird watching.
Given that I am not allowed closer than 100 yards from her window and much of the surveillance has to occur for darkened rooms at night, am I better to go for the one eye or two eye option?


Dear Clive

It’s entirely a matter of taste.
The main reason to go for the one-eyed version is if one would be sporting a monocle and a shot gun, fully clad in tweed, which, let’s face it, really is the only way to be found stalking under a shrubbery.

Yours Truly

Mr Mountie

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