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I have an uncle who swears by the insulating qualities of his seaweed vest

Dear Mr Mountie,
I have an uncle who swears by the insulating qualities of his seaweed there a species of this plant that could be dried and woven into an slime-free undergarment,if so how long would it last?

Dear Christopher
For hundreds of years seaweed has been used for food and for fertiliser. Today many people are looking at seaweed more closely because it has wider uses.

The vest that your uncle wears is more than likely made of Fucus vesiculosus, an excellent material when dried, with qualities similar to Corduroy, but with a scent of the sea.

Intrestingly, the seaweed species Chondrus crispus was once used as the material in a prototype lightweight bicycle developed by John Boyd Dunlop, more famous for the invention of the pneumatic tyre.

The bicycle was a partial success, weighing only 10.2 kilograms, however, the prototypes tendency to disintegration when in contact with water finally put an end to the ambitious project.
Yours Truly
Mr Mountie

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