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I want to run All New World of Lemmings on my 1ghz PC

Dear Mountie
I want to run The (old - 1994) All New World of Lemmings on my PC - WinMe 1ghz pen III processor, but I keep getting the error "runtime error 200 at 041b:0091" on dos. Is this fixable? I'm relying on you Mr. Mountie.

Dear Lorna
This probably means your machine is too fast.
I would guess that the error occur since your processor is faster than 200 MHz.
The problem could be caused by the delay initialization which counts how often a tiny do-nothing loop must be called in order to delay by 55 milliseconds (time measured by reading the Bios Time Counter at memory address 40:6C that ticks 18.2 times a second, i.e. each 55 milliseconds).

This number is then divided by 55 to get the number of calls for one millisecond. The result is written to a word (16 bit) variable. The overflow of this variable triggers the run time error (the meaning of Runtime Error 200 is division by zero, but it is caused by an overflow in this case).

But that's just a guess.
There is no known cure. Go buy yourself something like Ebay Item # 2012666893 and you'll be playing All New World of Lemmings till the cows come home.

Yours Truly

Mr Mountie

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