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What does the word 'takete' mean?

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What does the word ‘takete’ mean?



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Robin Allott. 1995. In Language in the Würm Glaciation. ed. by Udo L. Figge, 15-38. Bochum: Brockmeyer.:

Kohler(1929) devised an experiment on rather similar lines to investigate the symbolic relation between visual patterns and the sound-structure of words. He made use of two arbitrary visual shapes, one rounded and the other angular and invented two words as names for them, TAKETE and MALUMA. Subjects were asked to associate with each shape one of the invented words. The overwhelming majority of subjects assigned MALUMA to the rounded shape and TAKETE to the angular one. His experiment has been repeated many times in many countries since then. The results have been equally striking and have been taken as demonstrating a so far unexplained parallelism between visual and auditory structures.

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