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Why aren't there any realistic reality tv shows

Dear Mountie

The proliferation of reality tv shows such as Survivor, Big Brother, Fear Factor, Paradise Island, etc. seem to all be about surviving
physical strength, being able to withstand illusory food deprivation, monotony and oh yeah, eating gross things.

Why aren’t there realistic reality tv shows that take the same middle-class mostly white contestants and have them face reality? Why aren’t there shows such as ‘life aint no meritocracy’- watch contestants transported to an inner-city high school try to get accepted into college and figures out how to pay for it; ‘surviving on welfare’ - the winner is the person who successfully follows all welfare rules for a year and ’ heroin’s a bitch to break’ - contestants become addicted to heroin and then have to navigate the drug treatment and criminal justice system. Don’t you think these shows would get good ratings?


Dear Daisy

I think you’re about five years ahead of your time.

Yours Truly

Mr Mountie

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