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Which is better, pepsi or coke?

Which is better, pepsi or coke?

ps. u r cool


Dear Josh
As far as taste is concerned, neither Pepsi nor Coca Cola stands
a chance when compared to Cuba Cola, the anti-imperialist alternative
sold only in Sweden and Portugal.

"Manufactured for the Industry of Cooling Tropicaliente , Cuba Glue provavelmete
is the worse cooling one of produced glue already. To mix water, sugar and
bicarbonate in a bottle would not produce a flavor so bizarro."

The automated translation of the Portuguese Cuba
Cola review page
proves rather curious, especially since "Cola"
seems to translate as "Glue" in Portuguese, but it nevertheless
makes you want to run down to the nearest Portuguese corner shop for
a 12-pack of Cuba Cola.
Yours Truly
Mr Mountie

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